Step by Step downloading process
  • Fill out the form on digitalmarkingmanagement.com
  • Receive welcome email with license key and instructions.
  • Click on the flag that represents the language you want to install with.
  • Follow instructions to download.
  • Start the program and fill in licensekey and company information.
  • Ready to Go!

If needed, download our installation guide at Fleximark website

How do I install the software? 

Fill out the form on digitalmarkingmanagement.com and choose the preferred language you wish to install. You will then receive a welcome-mail to the email-address that you entered in the form. In this message you will receive your license and download link. Click on preferred download language by choosing a flag. Follow the instructions for installation. Start the program and register your company name and serial number. The program is now ready to use for printing. If you have problems, contact support.se.fln@lapp.com 

What is FLEXIMARK® Software?

FLEXIMARK® Software is a tool for shaping and manufacturing marking. Downloading the software allows you to easily design and print desired identification for your marking work. In the full version of FLEXIMARK® Software, you can use the pre-installed templates for FLEXIMARK® marking products, as well as the possibility to create templates and generation of QR- and barcodes. FLEXIMARK® Software works together with both laser printers and thermal transfer printers.  

Is FLEXIMARK® Software totally free?

Yes, it is.

I did not receive a confirmation email after registration

Check your junk folder, as it might be waiting for you there. Otherwise, contact support.se.fln@lapp.com

What are the system requirements to use the software?
  • System requirements to use FLEXIMARK® Software.  
  • Operative system: Printer and driver for Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher.  
  • Memory: 20 MB free hard disk space 
  • 2/5 QR Code 
  • Graphic: At least VGA 
  • Printer: Laser and thermal transfer printers.  
  • Languages: English, German, French and Swedish.  
  • Copyright: Fleximark AB, Sweden 
  • Version: 11.1
Recieved license does not work

Make sure that you have put in the right license when downloading and then follow the steps in the download guide. Otherwise, contact support on support.se.fln@lapp.com 

Which products are recommended? 

We recommend FLEXIMARK®s own marking products. Contact your Local LAPP seller to receive more information that will be beneficial for your marking needs.  

Can I receive a review of the software? 

Contact your local LAPP seller.  

I am interested in a thermal transfer printer 

Contact your local LAPP seller.  

Other questions regarding products 

Contact your local LAPP seller 

Other questions regarding the software 

Read more about the program at Fleximark

Or contact your local LAPP seller for more information.